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April 2023

Cody’s work with myco-foods in collaboration with Lin Cao in Dr. Ruihong Zhang’s lab was featured in the April 2023 issue of Pacific Nut Producer. Check out the latest issue here!

Congratulations to Cody for a successful talk at the April Chemical Biology Innovation Group (CBIG) meeting!

Check out this feature of our Karate Chemist, Dr. Franz, in the Spring/Summer 2023 edition of the UC Davis Magazine. 

Graduate students Linnea, Yun-Pu, Leah and David and undergrads Sydney and Catherine presented posters at the 23rd Annual R. Bryan Miller Symposium at UC Davis.

March 2023

David gave his 3rd year seminar detailing his work on the liposome project. Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

February 2023

Congratulations to Leah Thompson for passing her QE and advancing to candidacy!

January 2023

Congratulations to Dr. Franz for being elected as a new fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)!

Welcome to the lab, Hannah McFadden!

December 2022

Happy Holidays from the Franz lab! Chlorella sorokiniana, Phaeodactylum tricornutum and dyes make for a festive microplate!

Congratulations to Teresa Tang who graduated with her M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry! The group celebrated this milestone at Mikuni. We wish her luck as she begins her career at Carmot Therapeutics!

Cody’s work with myco-foods in collaboration with Lin Cao in Dr. Ruihong Zhang’s lab was featured in the UC Davis Media! Check out what he’s been up to in the article “Farms to Fungi to Food: Growing the Next Generation of Alternative Protein“.

November 2022

The Franz group attended the Bay Area Chemistry Symposium at UC Berkeley, where Dr. Franz was a keynote speaker! Linnea, Yun-Pu, Jacob and Ady presented their research at the poster session.

August 2022

Dr. Franz also attended the ACS meeting, where she was recognized as a 2022 ACS Fellow!

Jacob and Linnea presented their research at the ACS meeting in Chicago!


ChemEnergy REU students presented their research at a poster session celebrating their accomplishments this summer.

Congratulations to Dr. Franz on being selected as a 2022 American Chemical Society Fellow!

July 2022

Franz lab summer student, Taylor Orsel, presented his work with P. tricornutum at a poster session to celebrate his accomplishments this summer.

Congratulations to Dr. Franz on being appointed Interim Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Planning in the College of Letters and Science!

June 2022

We’re excited to host Sydney Figueroa, Catherine Kingsbury, and Natalia Jiménez González as part of the ChemEnergy REU program. The lab is also hosting Taylor Orsel as part of the Folsom Lake/UC Davis Internship program.

ConGRADulations to Franz lab undergraduate, Sarai Jaime, for completing her B.S. in Chemistry (ACS certified). She graduated with High Honors Distinction and was a recipient of the Roche Chemistry Undergraduate Award! She will be joining Pfizer as a process chemist while applying to graduate school. We are so proud!

May 2022

Congratulations to Kevin Blanco for passing his QE and advancing to candidacy!

March 2022

Congrats to Dr. Angel Cobo! We wish you the best as you begin your new position as a Drug Development Portfolio Manager at Stanford University!

The group attended the 51st Silicon Symposium, where Linnea, Yun-Pu, and Kevin presented a poster and Jacob gave a talk!

January 2022

Welcome to the lab Leah and Andrew!

The Franz lab welcomes new undergraduates, Liam and Jasmine!